I love the new IE campaign. :) 
This was on my desk when we walked in and then heard the sad news about Dan #Edelman. Excited to read.  (at Edelman Digital)

embracing high heels even in winter. 
(via Classy Girls Wear Pearls: Coloring a Snow Globe)

So cute and I love the mint color in winter. 
I secretly love this place. How have I never been here.  (Taken with Instagram at Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern(R))
Best part about training is the fact I get to explore the city all over again! Haven’t walked the Brooklyn Bridge since I first moved here. (Taken with Instagram)
Jack is ready for our last regular season game! Go Cats! Beat Florida. #bbn (Taken with instagram)
Kentucky State Auditor, Adam Edelen, with Vinnie and me, joined us on Thursday to cheer on the Cats at Jack Demsey’s!  (Taken with instagram)

Green Stripes 
How did they know? Except I have to work tomorrow.  (Taken with instagram)
Delish! Cucumber, tabasco, basil! Yay, Kelly’s in town! (Taken with instagram)
Friday happy hour!  (Taken with instagram)
Wearing my RED today to support AHA @GoRedforWomen #wearredday (Taken with instagram)
Since we don’t have a cat, we decided to bread our owl, Hoot! #breading (Taken with instagram)
Jazz group during brunch at Red Rooster (Taken with instagram)

Does this come in my size?
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